What Is Online Voucher Arcade

Remember the thrill of winning tickets in game arcade, fun fair, or carnival? Then trying to exchange them for gifts?

This is it, an online game arcade where you play exciting games, score points, and redeem REAL rewards from shops, restaurants, and many other brands and products!

Here's the best part of all, it's absolutely FREE to play! And for brand or business owners, it's also FREE to feature your voucher in our game! Join the fun today!

How Our Games Help

Our Clientle

Our Achievements

MDEC DiCE 2019 Commercial Ready Game Winner

One of the major breakthrough after switching our existing mass market games into business to business enter-gagement platform, which is getting recognized by government backed Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation as the only marketing viable enter-gagement solution that is ready for the market.

Malaysia's Top 100 Startup by Maxis Market Access Day

Being selected by one of the major telecommunications company in Malaysia, Maxis as one of the top 100 startups in Malaysia marks another milestone for us to prove our unique value proposition to this challenging landscape: helping brands and businesses to entertain, engage & retain their customer with a cost effective solution.