About Us

The Core Team

Hello everyone, I’m Vincent Cheng, the mastermind behind Engame, Enidea and notably Exponential Notation group. I have this unsatisfiable curiosity that had led me to work and venture in various industry from I.T. to financial to construction and even a small-scale private kitchen and bakery now, coupled with my gifted ability to make use of what I’ve learnt, I’ve been able to excel in almost every business and work I’ve been in.
Entering Engame; my curiosity has its drawbacks which it prevents me from sticking with one particular thing for too long, but this game studio had me working on it for the longest time ever, the team started unofficially in 2015, it grew and shrunk a couple of times and we’re still holding on it no matter what. We have a goal, that is to grow this studio to a place where creative game person from all around the world can gather, an international game development hub, we call it fun hub.

Jasmine Ng is a serial start-up investor which is what led her to Engame. Her passion for enterprise and customer engagement is what puts her on a continuous quest for improving the solutions we deploy in this area. Having been a career banker for more than 20 years, which has exposed her to the progressive innovation and technological solutions, this has positioned Jasmine to go on to helm blockchain & fintech companies. She believes that games and engagement thru entertainment will bring about the next paradigm shift in technological evolution for new business.
Jasmine also serves as an independent non-executive director of listed companies and social enterprises. She is the co-founder and advisor to EPIC Homes, a Non-profit organisation that builds homes for the underprivileged communities of Malaysia.

Cham Lee holds the position of Chief Technology Officer in Engame. He graduated with an IT degree from a well known University in Malaysia. He's been in the IT industry since 2014.
He had knowledge in basic computer programming, networking and security as well as the trending AI topic in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He also involved in developing internal application and game server backend for Engame on multiple projects.
A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

Our Achievements

MDEC DiCE 2019 Commercial Ready Game Winner
In year 2017 when we first got ourselves into the then called IPCC (Intellectual Property Creators' Challenge), we squeezed ourselves into the finalist but falls short in the final round; it’s clear that our game with commercial elements wasn’t ready and we stuffed the idea into the deep freeze.
Fast forward to late 2019, where we just pivoted to B2B games platform for enterprise, DiCE (Digital Content Creation Challenge) came up and we submitted in a blink of an eye; coupled with several improvements on gameplay, commercial elements and market positioning, we’re able to win this time, and this signifies that our game as a service platform is ready to roll.

Malaysia's Top 100 Startup by Maxis Market Access Day
Shortly after winning MDEC DiCE 2019, we were contacted by Maxis, one of the major telecommunications corporation in Malaysia to participate in their upcoming Startup Challenge in November; we took it in a heartbeat and proceed to go through their submission and screening process; after a couple of weeks, they informed us with an intriguing news, Engame is chosen to be one of the top 100 startups in Malaysia by Maxis, we were also been given an opportunity to showcase our solution in their Maxis Market Access Day in December.
Being awarded this title by Maxis also signifies a nod from private corporation that our games as a service platform has the potential to serve the private industries.

Our Clientle